Use AI to monitor companies or people and how the media and market and talking about them. Identify early signals of trends, understand market reaction and find investment opportunities. If you’re interested in one of our “coming soon” dashboards, requesting a demo will get you on the early access list.
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AI for Sales Intelligence

B2B Sales Leads Delivered by Artificial Intelligence

Today, more than ever, companies need to be able to identify and qualify B2B prospects online. AI can help.

Rehinged.AI's real time data processing engine uses artificial intelligence to identify the companies who are the best fit for your product and services, and feed them directly into your CRM.

Automate Your Prospecting

Fresh Leads Every Morning

Salespeople don’t need yet another article feed or contact list that adds to their workload and sucks up more time. What you need is to optimize your prospecting to get high-quality leads delivered to you daily. Rehinged.AI can deliver them to your email, phone or directly into your CRM. 

Real-Time Signals

Customized to Find Your Best Prospects

Other lead generation services use generic criteria and share it with hundreds of companies. With Rehinged.AI, you get a customized algorithm that interprets the right mix of real-time signals to identify the right companies for your products or services, based on real-time signals they emit.

Eliminate Friction

Automated Research for 2020

AI is automating most repetitive tasks. Why have your best salespeople spend hours per day on research? Use our real-time data processing engine and custom AI models to set it and forget it. Have confidence knowing that you’ll capture the market signals that your competition is missing.


Insights That Your Competitors Don’t Have

Our AI platform identifies your best prospects by

  • Identifying key buying signals delivered by announcements, news, videos, hiring, financials or social media
  • Using a custom scoring algorithm developed specifically for your best prospects
  • Monitoring the most important data sources, in real-time, and processing daily
  • Adjusting the signal daily, based on timing, so you always have the latest data

Who It Benefits

VP of Sales, Sales Directors and Top Closers

In 2020, face-to-face prospecting is a thing of the past. A custom Rehinged.AI Sales Dashboard gives you the power of AI and comprehensive data processing, in the cloud, to deliver perhaps the most important market data for your business: quality leads.

The Sales Dashboard enables sales and marketing teams and executives and the C-suite to gain market feedback, in real-time, in a fraction of the time of performing manual market research.

And that time could mean the difference between winning the sale or wondering how your competition landed it.